The identity of a person is his/her face. Your name has no meaning if one did not put a face on it. It is that face that Fordpic will use to create a profile of a personality or an event. It is artistically crafted to bring emotions of the moment. We take time to create a sphere in which the soul moves and allows our camera to shutter the mask and pierce through a person’s eyes.


Headshots usually used for profiles of individuals are our specialty. Henry Ford, in his fine art classes did human anatomy. His way of directing a photoshoot for faces is hinged on what the picture is for the intended viewer to see.

Family Photos

You don’t need a 100-page biography to tell who somebody is. You need a picture. Ansel Adams said “You don’t take a photograph, you make it” For all events – including weddings, birthdays, engagement or other cultural functions, Fordpic treats all with a personal touch of emotion-building images.

Baby Photos

Any day in a baby’s life is a picture in a parent’s diary. To remember those moments, nothing brings more emotion than that picture of a baby or mother and child or the family of three generations. It is those moments that Fordpic captures to create a new meaning of live and living.