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I love photographs …and that is why I have always had a camera on me since I left school. My first camera was a Nikon FM. It was like a pet to me. I kissed it, cleaned it and wiped it. When its lens broke in an accident, I took leave from photography for a while. 10 years ago I went back to Nikon brands, and I have not looked back. I think I owe historians and archivists a good treasure.

I have worked as a librarian, a taxi driver, a journalist, a banker and a community organizer.

After my dad passed away in 2017, as we were looking through the pile of documents and a stack of old photos, I saw some pictures which I shot many years before. Each picture took me not less than 5 minutes to look at and deeply internalize as my entire self – body, spirit and soul, rewound back to that moment. Through the pictures, I could smell the ordour of oil and smoked fish; and hear the gentle hum of drums from the neighbourhood. Each picture told its own story – seemingly live.

I like photos; photos that tell stories to reminisce about. I cherish the picture that narrates the tale and brings back the blowing of the wind, the smell of the moment and the untold script that lies behind the eyes. I also like being part of that story.

I would like to create a story for you …and with you. Yes, we should. A day past is a day gone.

Check out my blog. See the picture that tells a story.

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