Top Five Things To Look For When Hiring A Wedding and Event Photographer

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Hiring the right wedding and events photographer to capture one of the most memorable days of your life is very important as they are tasked with preserving a once-in-a-lifetime event. You obviously want stunning and breathtaking photographs - photographs that you can look back on and relive the memories years later.

Finding a wedding and events photographer who complements your style and captures your wedding day to perfection is easier said than done. But with so many different options available, how do you know which professional is the right wedding photographer for you?

Here are the top five things to look for when hiring a wedding and event photographer.

1. Professionalism and skill 
A professional photographer should have style, creativity, and knowledge of photography. They should not engage in any photoshoot without asking critical questions such as, ‘where would you like photography to take place?’, ‘How many people will appear in the photo?’, ‘How do you plan to use the photos?’, etc. These questions determine how the photographer proceeds with the shoot and ensure product and service delivery as per the client’s expectations.

2. Organized
Family photos are a treasure to so many. Some events cannot be acted or repeated. Birthdays, weddings, or family reunions like Thanksgiving should be appropriately planned and shot by a professional photographer. Experienced and organized photographers will often identify the right props to make a photo meaningful. Ask your photographer what to use as props in the photo if necessary. A photographer will always have an idea based on the photos taken for different families. 

3. A pleasant aesthetic sense 
A photographer should know what type of dress is appropriate for different reasons:

  • If it matches the background well.
  • If the dress code is suitable for the occasion.
  • If colors are not drowning, the contrast makes a photo boring and repulsive.

The photographer should also advise on what poses would make a photo come out nice. 

4. Clear pricing  
Ask the photographer to provide a transparent pricing structure. An exorbitant invoice is the last surprise you want on your special day. You should look at the photographer’s website and check in the gallery or portfolio to see the type of photos taken. You may also wish to check the reviews and read them.

5. Impeccable service
Always ask the photographer how they will deliver the finished product. Remember, if several photos are taken, they may not all be fully edited and retouched. Mass editing does not give a final editor’s touch except only if such an arrangement is made in the contract. Often, one or two photos will need comprehensive editing and retouching to develop a real professional photograph. Specify if you need original copies or if you need the photographer to provide only chosen best. 

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I would like to create a story for you and with you. Yes, we should. A day past is a day gone.

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