Common Mistakes People Make When Hiring A Photographer

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Pictures and videos are a sure way of preserving memories of your beautiful occasion. Naturally, you will go the extra mile to ensure your special day is a picture-perfect affair. From selecting the perfect venue to choosing the best outfit, you will do it all to ensure a truly memorable event. 

However, when hiring a photographer or videographer for their occasion, some people may slip up on choosing the right one due to a lack of knowledge. Customers may base their decision on the information the photographer may offer without considering to check on their experience, portfolio and quality of work. Unknowingly, you may compromise on quality which could result in disappointments or, worse, disaster. 

To help you avoid committing errors that could prove to be costly, Fordpic Photo Production has put together a list of the most common mistakes people make when hiring a photographer.

1. Booking a photographer with no idea of what exactly they need a photographer for
Are the photos for future use? Will they be sent to relatives to see the occasion? Do you plan to hang some on the wall? Knowing what you need the photographer for precedes the step of hiring the photographer. Only then will you be able to hire the right photographer for the right reasons. 

2. Not being mindful of the lighting condition of the photoshoot location
Customers are usually not aware that photography depends on light. The lighting condition at the location or scene of the photoshoot matters a lot. The time of day or night, indoor lighting facilities, and space availability for lighting devices are important factors for good pictures. If the lighting at the desired location is inadequate, additional lighting equipment will have to be used to ensure the photographs are captured in the best way possible.   

3. Not dressing appropriately for a photoshoot 
The way a person is dressed matters for a photoshoot. The colors of one’s attire concerning the background and even the poses taken with specific attire are critically important. For example, a long dress may hide a beautiful shoe a bride wishes to display or have seen as part of her dressing. Therefore, to ensure that your photoshoot gives you the photographs you desire, a bit of preparation about what clothes to wear will go a long way.

4. Booking a photographer without knowing the area that they specialize in
People do not find out about what a photographer specializes in. Whereas all photographers can take photographs, there are specialties in the photography subject. The cameras, lenses, lighting and accessories used for different disciplines are different and therefore, if you’d want a portrait photoshoot, for example, hiring an architecture photographer will be a disaster.

5. Not being mindful of the location and the size of space for the photoshoot
The location and the size of space for the photoshoot matter a lot. The most challenging photoshoots are the ones made in homes at customers’ residences. Customers do not often think about this. To ensure the photoshoot goes on smoothly and as desired, competent photographers will often inspect the location and advise customers accordingly.

6. Thinking that anybody can take a photo
Some people think that anybody can take a photo because, after all, they can buy good high-resolution cameras from camera stores or even use the new cell phones that have excellent cameras. This is a wrong assumption. Professional photographers, including photojournalists and commercial photographers, are all trained to take photographs that tell a story. The way they set up their subjects, the foreground and background, the source of light, the speed of the subject if it is moving or the focus of the lens in relation to the surrounding objects, often referred to as depth of field - a term commonly used in the filming industry - all matter.

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