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Today, with every Tom, Dick, and Harry able to take photographs with mostly good digital cameras, untrained and amateur photographers have made inroads into the photo and video business, albeit with rather challenging professional knowledge needs.

Additionally, nowadays, good photography is mistakenly judged solely by the quality of a camera. Whereas the most essential part of photography is light, its source, and how the subject is lit. The innovation of mirrorless cameras provides a remedy for this.

More and more photographers choose mirrorless cameras because their capacity to shoot under low light conditions surpasses DSLR in many ways. According to Adorama camera dealers, 63% of professional photographers use a mirrorless camera, while 36% use a DSLR camera. Only 1% use both.

The pros are that mirrorless cameras are lighter, hence more portable, more compact, easily portable, and offer better video quality even in lower-end models. They can shoot more images at faster shutter speeds. Additionally, mirrorless cameras do night photography well, thanks to their impressive in-body image stabilization, high-ISO performance, and low-light focusing capabilities.

The complexities of the trend are that photoshoots, today, are sometimes in large, high-ceiling rooms, and flashes are prohibited. Some churches insist that no obstruction should be made with strobes and speed lights. Games, meditation sessions, and sacred rituals do not accept flashlights to avoid obstructing the sessions. This is where manipulation of ISO, shutter speed, and aperture, all of which mirrorless cameras seem to stand out and perform exceptionally well. However, being light and small is disadvantageous for people with large hands, and their battery life is slightly shorter. The electronic viewfinder of mirrorless cameras is also limited in low light - if not using flash-lighting and there is a limited selection of lenses for new cameras.

In conclusion, the future of professional photography is super dynamic, keeping photographers on their toes as they explore new ways of doing business quicker, easier, and better for their clients. Mirrorless seems to keep up with this trend. However, be that as it may, SLR sales have increased by over 100% in 2022, and they are still popular.

Customers well-versed with photography changing trends may need to know if the camera to be used would address low light conditions for a photoshoot. Of course, it may not be so different from pictures shot by a high-end photo or video camera, but photographers should take advantage of the opportunity and explain how superior the images are likely to appear if taken by a mirrorless camera. Clients should also always honestly inform photographers of the lighting conditions at the scene of the photoshoot. That gives us, photographers, a better way to plan for a photoshoot.

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